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See how Tim Cumper’s paranoia of the scam emerges when he discovers that his girlfriend had ectopic pregnancy. The quotes are from Tim Cumper’s blog at The comment is from MrkGrismer.

I take myself out to the park and call Mayen on my cellphone – it’s an Ectopic Pregnancy – I’m passed to someone else, I’m reminded later on that this was the female Doctor, who explains what I already know – back to Mayen – send some money – Sir Francis has paid a P10,000 deposit – groans and sobbing – speak to Sir Francis.
I dash home – in a panic – pick up a business card that Sir Francis gave me – back to the park – I call him up.
“I was just going to ring you” he says “Mayen has given me her phone. Her sister is coming soon.”
We discuss things – my visit – Mayen’s condition – what hospital is she in? Should I try to move my flight earlier?

That is great that he paid the deposit; he seems like a very generous man and cares about his employee very much. How many bosses here (or in the UK) would do that? Of course, your first thoughts appear to be:

But I am worried – somehow – an Ectopic Pregnancy is just too perfect, exactly the right vehicle for extortion from a loving boyfriend – and worth quite a bit of money if it comes off. I am very worried – I do go to town – sit and have a coffee – banks aren’t open yet – and phone my supportive freind.
He is just amazed by this latest twist – tells me to hold on and be rational – he’d suspected all along that I might be being scammed (and so had I) but this latest event just revealed the magnitude of the scam – they were all in on it.

Paranoia again. You know what the best way to avoid that type of scam is? DON’T HAVE UNPROTECTED SEX! If you are going to have unprotected sex, be perpared for the consequences.

Convinced more than ever it is a scam – I phone my friend again – they’re all in on it – hiding behind the Real Estate business – teams of girls – luring Westerners into parting with their money – small amounts by our standards – but multiply that by the amount of girls working for him and the amount of potential “clients” they can each have at any one time – and it adds up to quite a business. Maybe the odd big windfall when the result is a sale of property – remember I was prepared to do all this – buy a condominium – maybe even another one to rent out. They must all be in on the scam – Mayen, Sir Francis, Marivien, Miss Ann, Chots, Adelaide and the people at the hospital. One of the tell tale signs is the purchase of a new cell phone – remember – so that she knows who is calling.

Extreme paranoia here. Again, if it was such a big scam business why has nobody else in the entire world been subjected to it. From what I can tell all of your business plans were your own, motivated by your desire to abandon your terrible life there in the UK and try to abscond to the paradise of the Philippines, to live there without a care in the world.

My only course of action is to completely – from this point of time – cut off all communication.
That night I deleted all her emails, addresses, my profile on the dating site, Mayen’s addition to my Messenger – the only way to get in touch with me that was still available was my cell phone.
I received several calls – I didn’t answer them – voice messages left simply said “Timmy – call me – on my cellphone.”
I was resolute – I was firm – for a whole day. Fortunately I spent the whole day, Saturday, working at a theatre and was busy until late evening. I’d told Mayen of this in an email – so my lack of communication was obviously expected – and mysteriously, despite the “seriousness” of Mayen’s plight, I received nothing from her either.

So, you’ve now gone from wanting to have a family with her in the Philippines to breaking off all contact and abandoning her. This seems like you have a problem with personal responsibility to me. How horrible for her.

I weaken again – this time answering a live call – Mayen asks me what’s going on – I turn the question around – “You tell me ” I said “I’m worried.” This continued without her giving me any information – until she upped the action ” What are you doing to me . . ? ” and burst into tears – uncontrolably – her sister Adelaide takes over the phone (perhaps Mayen’s visit to her was to rehearse the script) – a brief exchange – the phone goes dead.

You’ve gotten her pregnant, discussed your plans to move there and start a business and raise a family with her and now you are completely cutting off communication and abandoning her when she needs you most. Yet you don’t understand why she is upset by this? You then spend large amounts of time making unrealistic requests that her boss furnish you with ‘proof’ of the hospitlization. Even tho Mayen herself already offered to send you all the documentation via DHL if you would only give her your address, yet you state that you refused to given her your address. What do you expect? I have to say that Sir Frances has large amounts of patience, and I have to say I agree with his email to you:

What do you want me to do? Your problem with Mayen can only be solved by yourself and her. I have advanced money, I have requested the hospital to get directly in touch with you, Vien and myself have given you all the facts of the case, I don’t understand this particular email.
You said you were coming and you did not. Your best bet is to get in touch with the doctor to help you. I am not in a position to help you any further.