The site attempts to weave a story of a group of people that have “targeted” him, as he puts it, for a grand scheme of deception and larceny.

The only problem is he’s only managed to show only

  • His deception
  • His larceny,
  • His dark evil heart.
  • All of this drama is the work of a deceptive,evil, mentally ill man from Britain who decides that deceiving a woman half way around the world is easier than deceiving his wife. Which he does very easily, and well, I must admit.

    Let me clarify myself…

  • All of this drama is his work only!
  • All of this drama is in his mind only!
  • The only evidence is simply in his weak, mentally impaired mind and nowhere else.
  • Yet he’s managed to get the attention of the Internet with over 100 sites,blogs, and videos that serve only to rape emotionally and psychologically a young Filipina woman whose only crime was to love him.
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