You are probably seeing this because you stumbled upon The owner of the blog is a person using the name ellumbra online. His name is Timothy Ellis Cumper or Tim Cumper, a married man from the UK.

He owns another blog online called

Try to google the phrase “Tierra Maria Estates Scam” and you will see the efforts he took to discredit a group of people and institutions after he chose to to ignore his Filipina girlfriend when she suffered ectopic pregnancy and got hospitalized.

All his blogs and videos talk about his hallucinations of a large scale and organized Philippine real estate / hospital scam. His blog and videos accuse innocent people without even providing a solid proof or evidence.

He accused his girlfriend Mayen, Mayen's friends, Tierra Maria Estates manager Francis Jalbuena, Tierra Maria Estates itself, Tierra Maria Estates owner Antonio Montinola, Medical Center Paranaque and its doctors, accountant and lawyer, the British Embassy and Filipina Actress Chin-Chin Gutierrez of conspiring just to extort Php100,000 of money from him. All of them blatantly accused on his blogs and videos… ALL FOR Php100,000!!!

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If you type “Tierra Maria Estates Scam”, most likely you will see a number of sites that accuse a number of people behind an alleged scam.

From a forum user, we see the following observations on Tim Cumper alias Ellumbra’s delusion.

From Tim Cumper’s summary:

  • she requests I send her some money to help with her internet expenses – but the request transforms into money for a health check – suspected Dengue Fever
  • Receive another request and send more money – this time for new lodgings
  • I receive a call from Mayen, moments after I log on to the Yahoo Messenger. She is in hospital – The Medical Center Paranaque – it transpires during the morning that she has to have an operation for an Ectopic Pregnancy. Would I send some money? Would I send 50,000 pesos via Western Union? I insist on dealing only directly with the hospital
  • On the other hand, we have Tim Cumpers’ own behavior from his own words:

  • He was currently married at the time, and apparently still is
  • He decided to pursue a secret affair with a woman in the Philippines
  • While he was there he was looking for business opportunities that would make it possible for him to abandon his wife and move to the Philippines
  • He had unprotected sex with this woman on numerous occasions
  • He stated that he was prepared for the consequences of unprotected sex, but when those consequences happened he made every effort to avoid any personal responsibility and instead screamed ‘scam’ despite proofs to the contrary; including proofs that arrived to him through the British Embassy
  • He even tried to bait Mayen by repeatedly mentioning a western union money transfer that he never actually made in an effort to get her to try to go after the money. When she doesn’t take the bait he became more and more direct, finally asking her outright if she ever got it. Then he goes on to profess that this is another example of her trying to scam him for money, when he is the one doing the scamming!
  • He repeatedly says that he has terminated communication with her, and yet he repeatedly returns to communicating with her. Always by his choice.
  • In addition he is of the opinion that this is an organized scam ring, yet absolutely nobody else on the entire internet has experienced the same thing.