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You are probably seeing this because you stumbled upon The owner of the blog is a person using the name ellumbra online. His name is Timothy Ellis Cumper or Tim Cumper, a married man from the UK.

He owns another blog online called

Try to google the phrase “Tierra Maria Estates Scam” and you will see the efforts he took to discredit a group of people and institutions just because he chose to to ignore his Filipina girlfriend when she suffered ectopic pregnancy.

All his blogs and videos talk about his hallucinations of a large scale and organized Philippine real estate / hospital scam. His blog and videos accuse innocent people without even providing a solid proof or evidence.

He accused his girlfriend Mayen, Mayen's friends, Tierra Maria Estates manager Francis Jalbuena, Tierra Maria Estates itself, Tierra Maria Estates owner Antonio Montinola, Medical Center Paranaque and its doctors, accountant and lawyer, the British Embassy and Filipina Actress Chin-Chin Gutierrez of conspiring just to extort Php100,000 of money from him. All of them blatantly accused on his blogs and videos… ALL FOR Php100,000!!!

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